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We are looking for you to join our team.  By now you have probably viewed other sections of our website and can guess that our group is serious about supporting the Hemet-San Jacinto Valley residents through various philanthropic projects.  We do this with numerous volunteer opportunities and fundraising events.  We also encourage our members to take on leadership roles to help broaden their influence and experience.  We need many members’ hands, hearts, and ideas to work where their interests and passions can be expressed.   We trust that members will volunteer where they feel most strongly.  All activities are a wonderful way to get to know your community, the residents in it, and those like us that choose to help.  I invite you to view the membership video below.

Margie Wachter, 2nd Vice President/Membership  2022-2024


Watch this short video from former membership chair Penny Colgrove.

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